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My motivation is simple. Greed. I wanted to possess you, wanted to fuck you speechless, wanted everything about you. I’m not broken. I’m nothing you’re trying to make me out to be, so unless the next words out of your mouth are ‘Fuck me, Graham,’ we’re done here. Your move, Ms. Courtney.

That’s what the stranger I’ve agreed to crawl into bed with told me when I confronted him for betraying me. Five months. I’ve given Senator Graham Delaney permission to possess my body for five months, and I know nothing about him except that he’s manipulated me and that his dirty mouth and demanding hands set my skin on fire, leaving me writhing for more. My wickedly handsome lover is all lies and desire and secrets—all bundled up in a well-fitted suit and a grin that won over millions—and I’m determined to figure him out.

To possess him.

After all, I have four and a half months left. And I’m already getting under his skin.

My move indeed, Senator Delaney.

February 14, 2015

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