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Pawn: Volume One

“I want to spend your last semester getting you out of those pearls and on all fours.” 

That’s what he said to me when he found out that with one semester of college left, my father—his colleague—had cut me off. Young, wickedly handsome, and deliciously moody, Senator Graham Delaney’s filthy proposition to cover tuition in exchange for one semester of kink was terrifying and thrilling and offensive.

If you’re wondering if I told him to go screw himself after he gave me his ultimatum—if the night ended with me slapping that smirk off his face—that didn’t happen.

Instead, I did what I needed to do. 

I just didn’t expect to like it.

Book 1 of a sexy new serial.

WARNING: The pages of this novella contain filthy words, naughty situations, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion advised. 


He fingers the string of pearls around my neck, and I hold back a tremble when his thumb traces my collarbone. “I know you don’t.” He drops my necklace, backing away from me, and gesturing to a glassed-in balcony with a fantastic view of the city lights and the Washington Monument. Squinting, I see there’s a table set for two out there. “Dinner, Elle, before I decide our time is better suited with my face against your—”

Tuning out that last little bit, I walk a little too quickly onto the balcony, but the clench in my thighs makes me stumble. He steadies me, gripping my hips from behind me, and pouring gasoline on the fire his words started. “Are you always so clumsy?”

Only when hot men who are a decade older than me threaten to go down on me in lieu of dinner. “No. Do you start all your dates like this?” I retort.

“No.” We sit down, and the look he gives me is downright predatory. “I normally fuck first, dine later. I usually prefer the dining to be done alone without all the awkward chit-chat.”


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Pawn: Volume Two

"My motivation is simple. Greed. I want to possess you, want to make you speechless, want everything about you. I'm not broken. I'm nothing you're trying to make me out to be, so unless the next words out of your mouth are 'F**k me, Graham,' we're done here. Your move, Ms. Courtney."

That's what the stranger I've agreed to crawl into bed with told me when I confronted him for betraying me. Five months. I've given Senator Graham Delaney permission to possess my body for five months, and I know nothing about him except that he's manipulated me and that his dirty mouth and demanding hands set my skin on fire, leaving me writhing for more. My wickedly handsome lover is all lies and desire and secrets--all bundled up in a well-fitted suit and a grin that won over millions--and I'm determined to figure him out.

To possess him.

After all, I have four and a half months left. And I'm already getting under his skin.

My move indeed, Senator Delaney.

*Volume 2 of a sexy serial. WARNING: The pages of this novella contain filthy words and naughty situations. Reader discretion advised.


“We’re ready,” Graham answers. I feel his hand on my bare thigh, and it takes all my strength not to react. Flushing, I avert my gaze from AJ to look at Senator Sexy-Ass. “I wonder if you can get through this without giving yourself away,” he murmurs.

I pull my eyebrows together. “Get through what?”

The moment the car starts moving, he slides his hand up between my legs. He pumps my left thigh, then the right. “This.”

“You’re not really going to . . .” My hissed whisper dies away because he moves his hand higher. Slowly, he spreads my legs further apart and then brushes his knuckles over my clit. My mouth starts to drop open, but I stop myself. I suck on my bottom lip and note the challenge in his expression.

Your move, Ms. Courtney, I can almost hear him saying.

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  1. Is there ever going to be a volume 3. I read the first 2 over a year ago and i want to know if she is ever going to write volume 3. Last I heard was she lost the copy during a thunderstorm or something like that. What gives?